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Company Overview

CrossMark Roofing Solutions provides high tech, cost effective Roof Assessment, Evaluation, Repair, Maintenance and Replacement Solutions. In addition to Roofing Services, we provide comprehensive Roof Inspection, Analysis and Evaluation Reporting.  Our Registered Roof Consultant (RRC# 0752) and Registered Roof Observer (RRO# 1410) Reports utilizes a comprehensive method for roof evaluation including; Thermal Scans, Moisture Testing, Core Testing, Deck Pull-Out Testing and when possible, Flood Testing.  Our Evaluations and Recommendations can be relied on for short and long term facility planning.  We also provide Management Training to on site personnel who are responsible for insuring that effective Maintenance and Roof Protection Procedures are implemented and adhered to.  In our 30 years of experience, we commonly see premature roof failure due to third party damage, poor maintenance, hail damage, and improper roof design.  Through Effective Communication and Employee Training, we provide the Owner with proven methods to protect their roofing investment.


What makes our company unique in the industry?

Our Team is unique in that we focus on providing high tech roof assessment and evaluation methods prior to making the first recommendation.  Our 30 plus years of inspecting, repairing and replacing restaurant roofing systems have given us significant  experience and knowledge to provide the most accurate assessment, evaluations and recommendations.  Our Team partners with on site and corporate management to maximize the life of the existing roofing system, and when required, recommend replacement alternatives including plans and specifications.

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Why should a client choose our company?

We provide an honest, accurate, comprehensive, assessment, evaluation and recommendation based on over 20 years experience in the roofing and waterproofing industry.  We provide extensive roof assessment and evaluations by Registered Roof Consultants (RRC) as well as providing Management Educational Programs for system maintenance and third party damage prevention.  All our Team efforts and offerings are to provide a program through which roofing investments are maximized.

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